Royal Elites Blue Majestic (aka “Nya”)

100% European Great Dane

There is so much to say about our girl Nya.  But let me tell you she is full diva.  She hates to lay on dirt and will steal your camping chair if you are not watching.  She doesn’t fit well in the chair anymore but that doesn’t stop her.  She love us very much but our youngest son is her best buddy.  They snuggle with one another any chance they get.  We would like to thank Brien Pritchard from Royal Elite Danes with blessing us with our girl whom we co-own together.   It wasn’t until we got Nya that we wanted to start to breeding  European Great Danes.




100% American Great Dane

This is our Dixie girl. We got Dixie in 2007. For her age and getting hit by a car in 2011 she still gets around well and still loves to play. She has such a loving spirit and is loyal as loyal gets.