About Us

We are the Gildow’s.  We got married in 2005 and one of the first things we talked about after we got married was what pet do we want to bring into our newly started family.  We both grew up with different breeds and after searching what we thought would be best for us we were sold on a Great Dane.  Their temperament, loyalty and loving gentle spirit.  We are glad of the choice we made to own  Great Danes.  They may be a large breed dog but they are a Majestic Giant.  Both of our first two Danes were American Great Danes.  After our Blue boy passed away,” when we were ready”, we were looking at different breeders web sites and fell in love with the looks of European Great Danes.  That is when we found a picture of Royal Elites Dam Gabby.  What a beautiful dog.  We called that day and come to find out that Gabby just had a litter and long story short we got our girl Nya.